Saturday, August 31, 2013

Unofficial Scrimmage Stats


Black – (4-0-0)
Reinhart 10
Boyd 6
Loschiavo 5
Dirk 2
Warkentine 2
Cable 2

White – (1-3-0)
Philp 5
Descheneau 3
Legien 2
McPhee 2
Alfaro 2

Blue – (1-3-0)
Shirley 3
Zborosky 3
Steen 2
Kendall 2
Martin 2
Klassen 2

Saturday Camp Shedule

Game - Team White vs. Team Black 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Game - Team Blue vs. Team White 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Camp Schedule

Team Black Practice 9:00 am – 10:15 am
Game - Team Blue vs. Team White 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Goaltenders Session (Team White Shooters) 4:45 pm – 5:30 pm
Game - Team Black vs. Team Blue 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Director of Scouting Garnet Kazuik

First impressions of training camp
"You can definitely see the nervousness in the players and the quietness in the players. It takes them a couple days to warm up and start getting a little bit vocal and feeling a little bit more comfortable off the ice and that will translate on to the ice. Hopefully here on day 2 we'll start to see a little bit more of that on the ice, they feel a little bit more comfortable, they've got those nerves out and we should see some improvements today."

Benefits of veterans playing with and against prospects
"It sets a standard with the veterans and the rookies. It gives the rookies the opportunity to see how our veterans come into camp in shape, what they train, what it takes to play at this level. They get to be in the same room with them, mingle with them, talk with them and I think that's an invaluable experience as they move forward. It'll turn them into a better player as they go back to their midget teams."

How many prospects have a chance to play this year
"Up front we have approximately 3 or 4 positions available. We're looking at 6 or 7 guys to hopefully earn those spots. Same on the back end, we're looking at 3,4 or 5 prospects to obtain a couple of those spots. They're in a battle, they know it, we've communicated that with them very clearly prior to training camp and they know where they stand and they know who they're competing with. It's going to be interesting over the next 3,4 days here and moving forward into the exhibition phase."

Vets have to be ready to keep their spots
"Absolutely, the veterans know there's not a lot of open spots too. Anytime you come to training camp whether your a veteran or a rookie you're always competing for your spot or to obtain another spot by moving up the depth chart. I think competition is good amongst the veterans as well."

The excitement of training camp
"I think training camp is one of the best times of the year. You can see the smile on the veterans faces when they come into the room, they're all happy to see each other, they're happy to see the coaches and the staff. Much like the scouts, we enjoy it as well. My guys are just as happy and excited to be here. It's a very exciting time for all involved."

Message to players
"The message is clear with us and we always tell them, any player we draft or invite to training camp is that they all have a skill set that they do and they do it very well. We say, do what you do and do it well and we stress that. We don't want somebody to play a different game than they normally do and are good at. If they're a goal scorer we want them to be a goal scorer. If they're a good 200 foot player then make sure your a good 200 foot player. Don't try to be somebody else. Be who you are, and we've drafted you for those reasons. If they do that then every player here will do just fine."

Skills of prospects
"Every team in the WHL looks for skill, you do need to score goals at some point and that comes into play. We've got a great coaching staff and they'll work with the skill, they'll develop and make them a well rounded player as they move forward. We look at the skating and the scoring but the biggest thing we look for is the 'come to play'. That's the compete aspect, the puck sense away from the puck, the puck sense with the puck. Very, very important attribute for players to have and hopefully we've found that nice mix in these last couple drafts."

Important weekend
"I'm excited about today and the next 2 days. Especially with the blending of the rookies with the veterans. That's exciting for me because we're going to see some players step up and we're also going to see some players fall off a little bit because the tempo might be a little bit much and that's fine. We're not expecting a lot of things out of our young young guys, but do want them to compete. Like I said earlier, that's the biggest thing, we want everyone to compete. It's going to be fun to watch these guys the next few days."

Approach after camp
"We have a plan moving forward. We always have a ghost roster I guess you can call it. We put a number in there as we're going to go into Tri City and that number might change a little bit. There's going to be some surprises and that's what we want. We want some surprises, we want a guy we didn't have on that ghost roster to say 'ok here I am, I'm coming with you'. We have a number in mind and we'd like to stay at that number and we'll see how that comes out as we move forward."

Thursday Camp Schedule

Team Blue Practice 9:00 am – 10:15 am
Game - Team White vs. Team Black 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Team White Practice 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm
Game - Team Blue vs. Team Black 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ICE Camp Roster

Over-agers – Jagger Dirk, Zach McPhee

Goalies (5)
Returnees - Mackenzie Skapski (19), Wyatt Hoflin (18)
Prospects - Jayden Sittler (17), Jeffrey Veitch (16), Declan Hobbs (15)

Defense (18)
Returnees – Jagger Dirk (20), Landon Peel (19), Tanner Faith (18), Matt Thomas (18)
Acquired during off-season - Clint Filbrandt (18) trade with Tri City, Rinat Valiev (18) Import Draft not attending until he get visa
Prospects - Carter Forsyth (17), Matthew Murray (17), Greydon Robinson (17), Jordan Steenbergen (17), Jack Thomas (17), Bryan Allbee (16), Troy Murray (16), Mark O’Shaughnessy (16), Dylan Overdyk (16), Zachary Smith (16), Cale Fleury (15), Dallas Hines (15), Matt Krawiec (15)
Andy Stevens (15) injured
Michael King (20) not attending, Jake Dube (17) not attending, Joseph Leonidas (17) not attending

Forwards (36)
Returnees - Zach McPhee (20), Levi Cable (19), Austin Vetterl (19), Jeff Hubic (19), Jordyn Boyd (19),Sam Reinhart (18), Luke Philp (18), Jaedon Descheneau (18), Jon Martin (18), Collin Shirley (17), Kyle O’Connor (17)
Prospects - Mathew Alfaro (17), Ryley Risling (17), Carter Sawicki (17), Kolby Steen (17), Hunter Zandee (17), Zachary Zborosky (17), Shane Allan (16), Hudson Elynuik (16), Mark Klassen (16), Ryan McKinnon (16), Zac Paziuk (16), Logan Schatz (16), Austin Wellsby (16), Connor Barley (15), Desi Burgart (15), Weston Carter (15), Carter Gosbee (15), Robert Johnson (15), Evan Katelnikoff 15), Connor Kendall (15), Jared Legien (15), Vince Loschiavo (15), Bryce Platt (15), Carter Tangen (15), Drew Warkentine (15)
River Beattie (16) not attending, Arturri Lehkonen (18) not attending, Stefan Nicholishen (20) not attending, Riley Simpson (20) not attending

Goalies (5)
Mackenzie Skapski
Wyatt Hoflin
Jayden Sittler
17-year-old goalie
Jan 23/96
Red Deer, Alb
Alberta AAA Midget Red Deer 27 GP 15-2-2 1.46 .925% 3 SO
Playoffs 3 GP 0-2 3.28 .878%
Jeffrey Veitch
16-year-old goalie
Oct 4/97
Mission, BC
8th round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
PIJHL Mission City 3 GP 0-1-0 6.25 .841%
Declan Hobbs
15-year-old goalie
Aug 19/98
Saskatoon, Sask
3rd round pick in 2013 Bantam Draft
Sask AA Bantam Saskatoon

Defense (17)
Jagger Dirk
Landon Peel
Tanner Faith
Matt Thomas
Clint Filbrandt
Carter Forsyth
17-year-old defenseman
Apr 27/96
Swift Current, Sask
6th round pick in 2011 Bantam Draft
Sask AAA Midget Swift Current 42 GP 2-9-11 48pm
Matthew Murray
17-year-old defenseman
July 23/96
Kamloops, BC
4th round pick in 2011 Bantam Draft
KIJHL Creston Valley 40 GP 5-3-8 83pm
Greydon Robinson
17-year-old defenseman
June 8/96
Jordan Steenbergen
17-year-old defenseman
Jan 18/96
Sylvan Lake, Alb
3rd round pick in 2011 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Midget Red Deer 32 GP 3-13-16 28pm
Kootenay 1 GP 0-0-0 2pm
Jack Thomas
17-year-old defenseman
Jan 17/96
Calgary, Alb
12th round pick in 2011 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Midget Calgary 34 GP 0-8-8 14pm
Bryan Allbee
16-year-old defenseman
July 11/97
Prince George, BC
BC AAA Midget Cariboo 33 GP 1-4-5 26pm
Playoffs 4 GP 1-0-1 0pm
Troy Murray
16-year-old defenseman
Sept 12/97
White City, Sask
1st round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
Sask AAA Midget Regina 42 GP 4-8-12 30pm
Playoffs 8 GP 0-0-0 4pm
Mark O’Shaughnessy
16-year-old defenseman
July 31/97
West Vancouver, BC
BC Midget Kelowna 22 GP 2-2-4 2pm
Dylan Overdyk
16-year-old defenseman
Aug 3/97
St. Albert, Alb
2nd round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Minor Midget St. Albert 21 GP 0-4-4 2pm
Zachary Smith
16-year-old defenseman
Feb 12/97
Edmonton, Alb
6th round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Minor Midget MLAC 29 GP 6-12-18 84pm
Cale Fleury
15–year-old defenseman
Nov 19/98
Carlyle Sask
4th round pick in 2013 Bantam Draft
Sask AA Bantam Notre Dame 26 GP 4-12-16 6pm
Dallas Hines
15–year-old defenseman
Feb 5/98
Marwayne, Alb,
5th round pick in 2013 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Bantam Lloydminster 33 GP 2-18-20 48pm
Matt Krawiec
15-year-old defenseman
Mar 14/98
Red Deer, Alb
6th round pick in 2013 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Bantam Red Deer 33 GP 2-14-16 46pm

Visa Problem (1)
Rinat Valiev
18-year-old defenseman
May 11/95
USHL Indiana 36 GP 6-7-13 43pm

Injured (1)
Andy Stevens
15-year-old defenseman
Mar 23/98
Penticton, BC,
5th round in 2013 Bantam Draft
BC AAA Bantam Kelowna 56 GP 10-22-32 16pm

Not Attending (3)
Michael King
20-year-old defenseman
Jan 22/93
Prince George, BC
3rd round pick in 2008 Bantam Draft
NCAA Colorado College 5 GP 0-0-0 2pm
Jake Dube
17-year-old defenseman
Apr 3/96
Cochrane, Alb
5th round pick in 2011 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Midget UFA 31 GP 3-8-11 36pm
AJHL Calgary Canucks 3 GP 0-0-0 0pm
Joseph Leonidas
17-year-old defenseman
June 24/96
Calgary, Alb
11th round pick in 2011 Bantam Draft
AJHL Calgary Mustangs 38 GP 1-3-4 14pm
Playoffs 1 GP 0-0-0 0pm

Forwards (36)
Zach McPhee
Levi Cable
Austin Vetterl
Jeff Hubic
Jordyn Boyd
Sam Reinhart
Luke Philp
Jaedon Descheneau
Jon Martin
Collin Shirley
Kyle O’Connor
Mathew Alfaro
17-year-old forward
Aug 6/96
Calgary, Alb
Alberta AAA Midget Calgary 33 GP 14-17-31 48pm
Ryley Risling
17-year-old forward
May 9/96
Medicine Hat, Alb
7th round pick in 2011 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Midget Southeast 34 GP 17-6-23 62pm
Carter Sawicki
17-year-old forward
Sept 14/96
Red Deer, Alb
Alberta AA Midget Red Deer 17 GP 10-5-15 18pm
Kolby Steen
17-year-old forward
May 6/96
Abbotsford, BC
BC Midget Fraser Valley 32 GP 4-8-12 38pm
Hunter Zandee
17-year-old forward
Oct 25/96
Kelowna, BC
BC Midget Kelowna 18 GP 4-1-5 60pm
Zachary Zborosky
17-year-old forward
Oct 15/96
Regina, Sask
5th round pick in 2011 Bantam Draft
Sask AAA Midget Regina 42 GP 22-30-52 46pm
Playoffs 6 GP 3-4-7 4pm
Shane Allan
16-year-old forward
Dec 19/97
Calgary, Alb
7th round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Minor Midget Calgary 30 GP 12-21-33 38pm
Hudson Elynuik
16-year-old forward
Oct 12/97
Calgary, Alb
3rd round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Midget Calgary 28 GP 11-14-25 82pm
Kootenay 4 GP 0-1-1 4pm Playoffs 5 GP 0-0-0 0pm
Mark Klassen
16-year-old forward
, Man
Manitoba Midget Pembina 1 GP 0-0-0 0pm
Ryan McKinnon
16-year-old forward
Edmonton, Alb
Zac Paziuk
16-year-old forward
Jan 22/97
Prince Albert, Sask
10th round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
Sask AAA Midget Prince Albert 42 GP 3-6-9 14pm
Playoffs 11 1-1-2 6pm
Logan Schatz
16-year-old forward
Sept 16/97
Allan, Sask
9th round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
Sask AAA Midget Beardy’s 43 GP 7-18-25 20pm
Austin Wellsby
16-year-old forward
June 30/97
Kelowna, BC
4th round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
BC AAA Midget Fraser Valley 38 GP 5-15-20 18pm
Connor Barley
15-year-old forward
Feb 25/98
Winnipeg, Man
7th round pick in 2013 Bantam Draft
Manitoba AAA Bantam Winnipeg 28 GP 19-33-52 42pm
Desi Burgart
15-year-old forward
Sept 28/98
, BC
BC Bantam NSWC
Weston Carter
15-year-old forward
Calgary, Alb
Alberta AAA Bantam Calgary 32 GP 12-4-16 10pm
Carter Gosbee
15-year-old forward
Jan 12/98
Calgary, Alb
Alberta AAA Bantam Calgary 28 GP 10-6-16 12pm
Robert Johnson
15-year-old forward
July 12/98
Kamloops, BC
5th round pick in 2013 Bantam Draft
BC AAA Bantam Kamloops 39 GP 27-14-41 75pm
Evan Katelnikoff
15-year-old forward
Connor Kendall
15-year-old forward
Jan 12/98
Calgary, Alb
Alberta AAA Bantam Calgary 33 GP 20-16-36 22pm
Jared Legien
15-year-old forward
Sept 2/98
Pilot Butte, Sask
1st round pick in 2013 Bantam Draft
Sask AA Bantam Balgonie 26 GP 40-26-66 55pm
Vince Loschiavo
15-year-old forward
Mar 21/98
Winnipeg, Man,
2nd round pick in 2013 Bantam Draft
Manitoba AAA Bantam Winnipeg 28 GP 29-33-62 38pm
Bryce Platt
15-year-old forward
Regina, Sask
Sask AA Bantam Regina 5 GP 0-0-0 2pm
Carter Tangen
15-year-old forward
Swift Current, Sask
Drew Warkentine
15-year-old forward
Sept 23/98
Prince Albert, Sask
5th round pick in 2013 Bantam Draft
Sask AA Bantam Prince Albert 27 GP 29-19-48 69pm

Not Attending (4)

Stefan Nicholishen
20-year-old forward
Apr 30/93
Penticton, BC
Committed to Nebraska-Omaha
BCHL Victoria 46 GP 8-7-15 64pm
Playoffs 10 GP 0-0-0 10pm
Riley Simpson
20-year-old forward
Nov 30/93
Innisfail, Alb
12th round pick in 2008 Bantam Draft
NCAA Ohio State 34 GP 3-2-5 14pm
Artturi Lehkonen
18-year-old forward
July 4/95
2nd round pick in 2013 Import Draft
2013 NHL Draft 2nd round Montreal
Finland Jr KalPa 45 GP 14-16-30 12pm
2013 WJHC Finland 6 GP 3-1-4 4pm
River Beattie
16-year-old forward
Oct 31/97
Sherwood Park, Alb
6th round pick in 2012 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Minor Midget Sherwood Park 31 GP 7-17-24 42pm

Wednesday Camp Schedule

Veterans Practice 9:00 am - 10:15 am
Prospect Game 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Goaltenders Session (Veterans are Shooters) 4:45 pm – 5:30 pm
Prospect Game 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ryan McGill On Training Camp

On the start of camp
"We're very excited. We haven't been on the ice yet but from the fitness testing results I've seen so far it obvious the guys have put it a tremendous amount of work this summer and are a very committed group, from the veterans to the first year guys that have never really been through this before. Really looking forward to seeing the young guys and how they play tomorrow within there own groups so they can get the butterflies out of there system and make them feel comfortable. On Thursday we'll move them into teams with the veterans. I think with the veterans, in talking with them the past 2 days, it's been a long summer. I's a real tight group and I'm interested to see how we work through this training camp and into next weekend into Tri City. We're about a week behind compared to everybody else but at the same time I think for us in the long run is going to be good."

On building on last years' great 2nd half of the season
"You gotta be careful in that you don't bring that up because last year is last year. For whatever reason we did finish strong but that has nothing to do with what we're going to accomplish here moving forward. It's making sure our guys understand taking it day by day, making sure we are putting one foot forward ahead of each other and working towards the end of the year, in taking the proper steps to get better every day. We want to improve on a daily basis. Once training camp starts we won't bring up last year because you can't dwell on the past and you have to make sure we are moving forward on a day-to-day basis."

On core group that is a tight group
"It's a big thing for us because the culture that has been established here over the past 15 years is very important. You can see it from the 20-year olds this year and from the 2nd and 3rd year players here, and I think it makes for a good foundation as far as where we want to go. We just have to make sure every day we are getting better and we're living in the moment and not looking too far ahead."

On any special message to the players before camp
"No message. We've been in contact throughout the summer and they understand that it's a marathon and not a sprint. Understand every day we need to get better as a group and understand also that each and every guy is a special player in here and each and every guy can bring something very special to the table. The biggest thing for these guys, and you saw this morning on the track is that once they were finished they all stuck together and they were all with each other, it's a matter of really getting the group to understand that they are a year older and they are a year more mature and we need to set our short term goals really high."

On Propects
"I think we are very happy with our 97 draft and 98 draft. We're very excited for that. I'm not going to name any names, but at the same time we seem to very confident with the young guys that have come in, whether it's a guy who is going to make the team or go back play another year. It's one of those things where we're back on the upward trend again for our young prospects, there's a lot of skill and I think that's a good sign."

On Mike Dyck and Jay Henderson
"It would be really tough for Jay to coach this team by himself, there isn't anybody I don't think that could come in here and do that. With Jerry (Bancks) moving on to Kimberley and us not making that a full-time commitment in that position, I thought it was really important between Jeff (Chynoweth), myself and Garnet (Kazuik) that someone with experience came in and help Jay out. At the same time Jay's in charge. Jay's the guy that's going to be in charge here come December but we just felt that rather than hire somebody in that position that didn't have any experience just to come in and push pucks, we felt it was very important to have somebody with experience, that had the time, that we knew as an organization and I know personally, that we could trust to come in and really bridge the gap when I'm gone and we really feel that Mike's the guy to do that."

Mike Dyck Comments

On joining the ICE
"Well obviously I'm really excited about joining Ryan and his staff and Jeff Chynoweth and a first class organization. Kootenay is one of the premier organizations in the WHL and I'm really looking forward to the opportunity."

On the part-time coaching position
"We I think it's a real good opportunity for me. I've been really hesitant leaving Lethbridge because it's my home and I've got a young family. Yet, obviously still have that passion to coach at the Western Hockey League level. The challenges are obviously going to be that I'm not there all the time but at the same time I can rely on the experience I've had in the Western League. I think also the fact they've got such a strong coaching staff and from what I understand a very strong leadership group it's just a matter of making sure we're all on the same page."

On spending time with the team
"There's going to be a few weekends that I'm going to come in (to Cranbrook) previous to December to spend some time with the team and this weekend at training camp, but when Ryan is gone (in December) I'll be in Cranbrook the entire time."

On this years' ICE
"I had a chance to work with Reinhart and Descheneau at the U-17's and know what kind of kids they are. Not only when it comes to what they can do on the ice but the kind of guys they are off the ice. Certainly there are 2 guys I do know and I know there is a whole group there that are very excited about building on the success they had last year as a good young team and are probably ready to take that next step and I look forward to being a part of that."

Mike Dyck Joins ICE

Cranbrook, BC – Jeff Chynoweth, General Manager of the Kootenay ICE Hockey Club, today announced the Club will be adding Mike Dyck to the Coaching Staff when Ryan McGill leaves in December to be an Assistant Coach with Team Canada at the 2014 World Junior Championship in Malmo, Sweden. Mike will attend Training Camp to get to know the players and staff and will be in Cranbrook once a month leading up to Ryan McGill’s departure on December 12.

“With Ryan going to the World Juniors and this being Jay’s first year coaching in the WHL we felt another coach was needed during this time frame. We feel very fortunate to be able to add a coach with the experience that Mike has in the WHL. Like Jay he also played in the League and can relate to the players of today having coached Team Pacific (Sam Reinhart, Jaedon Descheneau) at the 2012 World Under 17 Hockey Challenge,” continued Chynoweth

“I have known Mike since he played in the WHL (1985-1989) and with his coaching experience it was a natural choice. With me being gone for a month it was very important to have someone that both Jay and the players felt comfortable with. I am confident with the group of players we have returning that it will be a seamless transition with Jay and Mike running the bench,” commented Head Coach Ryan McGill.

Mike Dyck was Head Coach of the Lethbridge Hurricanes for five years from 2005 through 2009 and compiled a 132-120-16 win-loss record, including a trip to the 2008 WHL Finals. Prior to that he was also an Assistant Coach with the Hurricanes and Vancouver Giants

Monday, August 26, 2013

Camp Roster

The ICE will have around 60 players at camp and I will post the names later this week.
They will start camp with 17 returning players with 2 goalies, 4 defensemen and 11 forwards who played full-time last year.
The club also added defenseman Clint Filbrandt in a summer trade with Tri City and has WHL experience.
The ICE selected Russian defenseman Rinat Valiev in the Import Draft and is cleared to play for the ICE but won’t be at the start of camp as he is waiting to get his Canadian visa for his passport.

Returning Players

Mackenzie Skapski (19), Wyatt Hoflin (18)

Jagger Dirk (20), Landon Peel (19), Tanner Faith (18), Matt Thomas (18)
Acquired during off-season - Clint Filbrandt (18), Rinat Valiev (18)

Zach McPhee (20), Levi Cable (19), Austin Vetterl (19), Jeff Hubic (19), Jordyn Boyd (19), Sam Reinhart (18), Luke Philp (18), Jaedon Descheneau (18), Jon Martin (18), Collin Shirley (17), Kyle O’Connor (17)

Muth Retires

Kootenay ICE training camp starts on Wednesday and the club has another opening on the blueline as 20-year-old defenseman Tanner Muth has decided to retire from hockey.
The decision came after advice from the team and his family.
Muth had 3 concussions last year that saw him miss 17 games including all of the clubs' playoff games.
Muth, who also played for Seattle and Swift Current, will now be able to use 5 years of Scholarships from his time in the WHL.
The ICE are now down to 2 over-agers with Jagger Dirk and Zach McPhee.

Training Camp Schedule

Cranbrook, BC – The Kootenay ICE Hockey Club will open their 2013 Western Hockey League Training Camp Wednesday, August 28 at 9:00 am. This year’s Training Camp will once again combine rookie-aged players (players born in 1998), with veteran players (players born in 1993 to 1997). All ice sessions will take place at Western Financial Place.
“Training Camp is an exciting start to the season. The camp provides the opportunity for our coaches and scouting staff to see and evaluate our recently drafted players, while monitoring the progress of our veteran and list players. With a smaller number of athletes attending camp, we expect the competition level to be very high,” commented Director of Scouting Garnet Kazuik.
A total of 60 players are expected to participate in Training Camp, including 18 veteran players from last year's team. At this time, Rinat Valiev will not be participating in Training Camp due to the Canadian foreign service workers strike. Rinat has his IIHF Transfer approved and will arrive in Cranbrook once he received his Canadian VISA . All Training Camp sessions will be open to the public.

2013 Kootenay ICE Training Camp Schedule

Wednesday, August 28
Veterans Practice 9:00 am – 10:15 am
Prospect Game 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Goaltenders Session 4:45 pm – 5:30 pm
Prospect Game 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Thursday, August 29
Team Blue Practice 9:00 am - 10:15 am
Team White vs. Team Black 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Team White Practice 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
Team Blue vs. Team Black 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Friday, August 30
Team Black Practice 9:00 am - 10:15 am
Team Blue vs. Team White 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Goaltenders Session 4 45 pm - 5:30 pm
Team Black vs. Team Blue 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Saturday, August 31
Team White vs. Team Black 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Team Blue vs. Team White 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Sunday, September 1
United Way Intrasquad Game 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Cranbrook, BC – Jeff Chynoweth, General Manager of the Kootenay ICE Hockey Club, today announced all proceeds from the 15th annual Black-White Intrasquad Game will once again be donated to the Cranbrook and Kimberley United Way.
The Black-White game will be played at Western Financial Place on Sunday, September 1 at 12:00 pm. The game will feature players who are competing to earn a spot on the 2013-2014 roster along with top draft choices.
“We are continuing with the tradition of partnering with charitable organizations within our community. Over the past 14 years almost $30,000.00 has been raised for the Cranbrook United Way through this event,” said Chynoweth.
The cost to attend the Black-White game will be a minimum donation to the Cranbrook and Kimberley United Way of $5.00 per person.

Training Camp Starts Wednesday

Kootenay ICE training camp starts later this week at Western Financial Place.
The club will have around 60 players at the camp.
All the returning players and prospects will go through their fitness testing tomorrow and the on-ice sessions will start on Wednesday.
There will be 2 practices and 2 scrimmages everyday over a 4-day stretch and the Intra-Squad game will be Sunday at Noon.

Friday, August 23, 2013

ICE Pack Update

Kootenay Ice fans are encouraged to buy their 2013-2014 season tickets!
Even though early bird season ticket sales are over, fans that missed out or have not purchased yet can still save up to 29% off walk up ticket prices.
Every single regular season ticket holder including early bird buyers who already bought to people who sponsor reach out tickets for the needy in our community to anyone who buys their tickets now up until August 31st get in on the Ice Pack.

Ticket buyers will receive an Ice Pack envelope with hundreds of dollars in gift certificates from local participating businesses.

Ask about the Power Pay Plan for flexible payments options.
Ice Office is open Monday to Thursday all summer long from 8:30am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm.

Integra Tire - 2 tire wheel balance and 4 tire rotation g-c valued at $70.00
Runners RV - $75 g-c towards any RV solar panel with installation
Brothers Insurance - $50 off new or renewal home and commercial insurance polices
The Brick Cranbrook - $50 off a minimum purchase of Furniture or mattress, regular or sale priced
Maritime Travel - $50 off travel some restrictions
McGibbons Auto - $50 off any repair of $250 or more
Import Auto Group - $50
Wolfpack Signs and Printing - $50
Mister Tire - $25

Total Value ... $470

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Strike Affects ICE

The Canadian Foreign Service strike in Moscow is affecting Russian hockey players including the Kootenay ICE recent import selection Rinat Valiev.
Russian players are facing face weeks-long delays receiving the visas necessary for them to settle in Canada and play in the CHL.

Valiev played in the USHL last year and has a U.S. passport but cannot enter Canada yet.
ICE GM Jeff Chynoweth says he is cleared to play for the ICE and hoped the visa situation is finalized as soon as possible.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Training Camp

Kootenay ICE training camp will once again take place the last week of August and conclude during the September long weekend.
The Camp schedule will be released by the ICE in the coming days.
You can expect the on-ice sessions to start on Wednesday August 28th and conclude with the Intrasquad game on Sunday September 1st.
Starting next week I will have updates on the radio, the blog and on Twitter.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alberta U-16 Short List

Kyle Dumba Calgary
Hunter Lorenson Swift Current
Austin McGrath Medicine Hat
Nicholas Sanders Tri City
Stuart Skinner Lethbridge

TJ Brown Brandon
Kale Clague Brandon
Carter Czaikowski Portland
Dalton Hamaliuk Spokane
Dallas Hines Kootenay
Aaron Hyman Calgary
Joshua Mahura Red Deer
Ryely McKinstry Vancouver
David Quenneville Medicine Hat
Marshall Skapski Medicine Hat
Kyle Yewchuk Edmonton

Parker Aucoin Tri City
Tyler Benson Vancouver
Jeff De Wit Red Deer
Dillon Dube Kelowna
Brayden Dunn Victoria
Ryan Jevne Medicine Hat
Cole Johnson Swift Current
Davis Koch Edmonton
Kody McDonald Prince George
Skyler McKenzie Portland
Matthew Phillips Victoria
Alex Rotundo Edmonton
Mason Shaw Medicine Hat
Parker Smyth Saskatoon
Sam Steel Regina
Tyler Steenbergen Swift Current
Nolan Volcan Seattle
Jaeger White Lethbridge
Nolan Yaremko Tri City

Sunday, August 11, 2013

USA 5 Canada 1 Exhibition

First Period
19:00 USA Riley Barber (Will Butcher, Connor Carrick) PP
19:47 USA Ian McCoshen (Matt Grzelcyk, Quentin Shore) PP
01:04 USA Connor Carrick (Interference)
06:24 USA Patrick Sieloff (High-sticking)
16:28 USA Connor Carrick (Interference)
18:06 CAN Curtis Lazar (Slashing)
18:23 CAN Michael Matheson (Slashing)
19:17 CAN Bo Horvat (Holding)

Second Period
13:34 USA Quentin Shore (Hudson Fasching) SH

01:24 USA Henrik Samuelsson (Hooking)
03:18 USA Bench (Too Many Players)
13:34 USA Riley Barber (Slashing)
17:13 USA Connor Carrick (Cross-checking)

Third Period
05:17 USA Quentin Shore (Nic Kerdiles, Adam Erne) PP
13:21 USA Stefan Matteau
14:03 CAN Sam Reinhart (Nic Petan, Michael Matheson)

03:50 CAN Sean Monahan (Slashing)
05:26 CAN Max Domi (Cross-checking)
08:05 CAN Brendan Leipsic (Kneeing)
11:32 CAN Darnell Nurse (Roughing)
11:32 USA Thomas DiPauli (Roughing)
14:36 USA Henrik Samuelsson (Slashing)
15:02 USA Steve Santini (Holding)
15:02 CAN Mathew Dumba (Roughing)
16:45 CAN Nic Petan (High-sticking)
19:13 CAN Damon Severson (Slashing)

CAN Jake Paterson
USA Jon Gillies

Shots on Goal
CAN 10 10 5 25
USA 8 4 13 25

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Canada 5 Finland 3 Exhibition

Kootenay ICE Captain Sam Reinhart scored a goal as Canada won it's first exhibition game in Lake Placid with a 5-3 decision over Finland.
ICE Import pick Artturi Lehkonen had one of the goals for Finland.
The team will play Sweden tomorrow afternoon.

First Period
00:51 FIN Kasperi Kapanen (Henri Ikonen)
10:11 CAN Sam Reinhart (Brendan Gaunce, Ryan Pulock)
10:38 CAN Frédérik Gauthier (Hunter Shinkaruk, Anthony Mantha)

Second Period
03:07 FIN Saku Salminen (Juuso Ikonen)

Third Period
03:40 CAN Félix Girard (Ryan Rupert , Émile Poirier)
10:03 CAN Brendan Gaunce (Kerby Rychel , Anthony Mantha)
15:07 FIN Artturi Lehkonen (Ville Leskinen, Mikko Vainonen)
18:36 CAN Hunter Shinkaruk (Félix Girard)

CAN Eric Comrie
FIN Juuse Saros (out/3rd 19:46)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reinhart To Play Exhibition Game


LAKE PLACID, N.Y. -- Hours after arriving here, Canada was on the ice Tuesday afternoon for its first practice, and already announced its lineup for its first game, Wednesday against Finland.

Eric Comrie, who missed most of last season with a hip injury, will get the start in goal, with Zachary Fucale serving as the backup. Jake Paterson, who was the third goalie on the team that finished fourth in Sochi, Russia, at the 2013 World Junior Championship, will be a healthy scratch.

Also getting into the game will be Sam Reinhart, who will play right wing on a line with center Brendan Gaunce and left wing Kerby Rychel. Reinhart is the early leader to be the first pick of the 2014 NHL Draft.

Here is how the rest of the lineup shapes up for Canada:

Hunter Shinkaruk - Fredrik Gauthier - Anthony Mantha

Brendan Leipsic - Nicolas Petan - Emile Poirier

Ryan Rupert - Felix Girard - Mark Jankowski

Kerby Rychel - Brendan Gaunce - Sam Reinhart

Slater Koekkoek - Michael Matheson

Joshua Morrissey - Dillon Heatherington

Matthew Finn - Ryan Pulock

Eric Comrie

Zachary Fucale

Scratched: Jake Paterson, Connor McDavid, Mathew Dumba, Darnell Nurse, Derrick Pouliot, Damon Severson, Charles Hudon, Tom Wilson, Max Domi, Sean Monahan, Scott Laughton, Curtis Lazar, Bo Horvat

Thursday, August 1, 2013

U-17 Pacifc & West Summer Camp Invites


Taz Burman Red Deer
Patrick Dea Edmonton
Bo Didur Medicine Hat
Brandon Kegler Saskatoon
Nick McBride Prince Albert
Zachary Sawchenko Moose Jaw

Tanner Browne Brandon
Kevin Davis Everett
Bradley Forrest Medicine Hat
Joe Gatenby Kelowna
Brendan Guhle Prince Albert
Tyson Helgesen Spokane
Noah Juulsen Everett
Dylan Overdyk Kootenay
Brady Reagan Regina
Cameron Reagan Kamloops
Chaz Reddekopp Victoria
Kurtis Rutledge Tri City
Ty Schultz Medicine Hat
Parker Wotherspoon Tri City

Matt Barzal Seattle
Matthew Bradley Medicine Hat
Brayden Burke Red Deer
Nick Chyzowski Kamloops
Ty Comrie Tri City
Hudson Elynuik Kootenay
Giorgio Estephan Lethbridge
Jake Fletcher Medicine Hat
Matt Fonteyne Everett
Glen Gawdin Swift Current
Matteo Gennaro Prince Albert
Jansen Harkins Prince George
Andrew Koep Edmonton
Nick Merkley Kelowna
Curtis Miske Spokane
Brad Morrison Prince George
Adam Musil Red Deer
Grayson Pawlenchuk Red Deer
Ty Ronning Vancouver
Braylon Shmyr Brandon
Tyler Soy Victoria
Dylan Stewart Prince Albert
Jakob Stukel Vancouver
Justin Szeto


Brock Hamm Medicine Hat
Tyson Verhelst Spokane
Matt Kustra Prince George
Mario Petit Everett
Nikolas Amundrud Everett
Brett Friesen
Logan Flodell Seattle
Troy Martyniuk

Thomas Lenchyshyn Lethbridge
Lawson McDonald
Lochlan Morrison Calgary
Troy Murray Kootenay
Tate Olson Prince George
Mark Taraschuk Brandon
Ryan Gardiner Moose Jaw
Zach Lamothe Seattle
Jesse Lawrence
Dustin Perillat
Brennan Riddle Calgary
James Shearer Calgary
Tyler Anderson
Shane Collins Prince George
Mackenzie Dwyer Saskatoon
Evan Fiala Spokane
Bryce Fiske Tri City
Braden Groot
Ethan Bear Seattle
Braden Compton
Michael Eskra Vancouver
Connor Hobbs Medicine Hat
Wyatt Kalynuk Red Deer
Turner Ottenbreit Saskatoon

Ashton Anderson
Garrett Armour
Brandan Arnold Swift Current
Spencer Bast Kamloops
Dakota Boutin Brandon
Colt Conrad Lethbridge
Terrell Draude Calgary
Tristan Elder Brandon
Tyler Jeanson Kamloops
Chase Fincaryk
Jayden Halbgewachs Moose Jaw
Cameron Hebig Saskatoon
Julien Koga
Meyer Nell Red Deer
Donovan Neuls Seattle
Braden Purtill Tri City
Brayden Uhrich Medicine Hat
Ethan Williams Moose Jaw
Aaron Boyd Prince George
Matt Campese Victoria
Rykr Cole Regina
Zach Court
Travis Kilbrei
Regan Nagy Victoria
Lane Pederson Seattle
Wyatt Sloboshan Swift Current
Jordy Stallard Calgary
Wade Allison Brandon
Jesse Gabriel Brandon
Jackson Keane Swift Current
Keegan Kolesar Seattle
Jeremy Leipsic Portland
Drew Litwin Regina
Kirkland Lycar Brandon
Zak Paziuk Kootenay
Kody White Lethbridge