Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Import Draft Thoughts

The Kootenay ICE made quit a stir at the 2010 CHL Import Draft by not selecting a player and traded their 1st pick for a 6th round Bantam pick.
ICE GM Jeff Chynoweth had been debating this decision for a few months and decided that unless you are gauranteed a top 6 forward or top 4 defenseman then does it really help your organization.
I have been formulating thoughts on the Import Draft for a few years and wonder how it can be made better for the CHL and all it's teams.
Keep in mind I am not an ICE apologist nor am I looking to be overly critical of the team or league.
- The ICE have 19 players who are eligible to return to the WHL this season. At most 18 can play for the ICE as that includes 4 over-agers. The ICE should have another good team and an addition of 2 quality Imports could make them a contender for a Division title.
- What if they get a 18 or 19-year old forward who plays a 3rd or 4th line role. Is it better to give that ice time to a 16 or 17-year old who can develop into a player who will be a top 6 guy in a few years?
- What if you get a 18 or 19-year defenseman who is 5th or 6th on your depth chart. Is it better to give that ice time to a younger player who can end up being with the team for 3-4 more years?
- Even if the Import players are 3rd line guys, doesn't that make your team stronger for the short term?
- Should teams spend more time scouting Import players at International Tournaments?
- The toughest part of the Draft is finding Imports who are top quality players and will commit to coming to the CHL. This is where it gets tricky.
- So it now becomes a game of who you know as far as NHL GM's and player agents.
- This is where the Oil Kings and Hitmen who are owned by the Oilers and Flames should have a big advantage but have never seemed to exploit it.
- There is a $2000 transfer fee for each player.
- How many CHL teams have ever seen the players in person?
- I think that the Import Draft must change. All players should have to opt-in to the draft. The deadline could be something like June 1st. That would give all teams some time to prepare their rankings.
- Players who haven't declared themselves eligible for the Draft cannot play in the CHL that season.
- Does that penalize teams who do extra work trying to find players or make it a level playing field?
- If a player does not report to the team that selects him, the team gets to make another selection for the list at a later date. For example, if the team finds out a few days after the draft the player will not play for that team, then they have a week to make another selection to fill that position. This should prevent players from asking to go to a specific team or league.
- What if 200 players opt-in to the Import Draft and you have the 50th pick and don't project that player to be top line player, do you still make the selection?
- Should the CHL limit teams to 1 Import per team?
- Should there be no more Import players in the CHL?
- I get the impression fans still love to have the Import players in the league.
- I don't get the impression the ICE want to get rid of the Import Draft. From their point of view it's been a long time since they had a high selection. (The recent highest was 16th overall and they took Tomas Plihal but that was Tri City's pick as part of the compensation for Bob Tory leaving as GM). Always finishing in the top 10 has seen them always selecting 14-22nd in the Bantam Draft and 40-60th in the Import Draft. Do that for a long stretch and you never have the cream of the crop to select from.
- Should the ICE try to trade up to get higher Import picks? That would probably mean sacrificing some Bantam picks. Is that agood idea long term?
- When do you stop thinking long-term and worry about short-term?
- If the ICE are having a strong year do they look at adding an Import or two with trades during the season? They have 2 openings that can be filled at any time.
- Remember Calgary won the WHL Title with one Import player who they aquired in a trade.
- No one has mentioned it yet but didn't Kelowna finish last season with no Import players on their active roster?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ICE Trade 1st Round Import Pick

The Kootenay ICE have traded their 1st pick in the Import Draft, 40th overall, to Brandon for a 6th round pick in the 2011 Bantam Draft.
The ICE will also pass on their 2nd round pick.

The ICE now have 5 extra picks in the 2011 Bantam Draft with 2 picks in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th rounds.

ICE Pass On Import Draft

Cranbrook, BC – Jeff Chynoweth, General Manager of the Kootenay ICE Hockey Club announced today the ICE are passing on their 2010 CHL Import Draft first and second round picks.

“Although we have been fortunate in the past with the CHL Import Draft we feel that in this day and age it is becoming very hard to attract the top European players. Our team is eligible to return 19 players and there is no guarantee if we selected a player today that he would be able to play in our top six forwards or top four defensemen.” commented Chynoweth.

Monday, June 28, 2010

WHL Exhibition Schedule

Wed Sept 1
Swift Current @ Moose Jaw 7:00
Saskatoon @ Prince Albert 7:00

Fri Sept 3
Seattle @ Portland 11:30 Everett Tournament
Spokane @ Tri City 3:00 Everett Tournament
Sault Ste. Marie @ Everett 7:00 Everett Tournament
Chilliwack @ Kamloops 7:00 Chase
Prince Albert @ Saskatoon 7:00 Martensville
Moose Jaw @ Regina 7:00 Co-Operators Centre
Kelowna @ Vancouver 7:30 Ladner

Sat Sept 4

Prince George @ Medicine Hat 3:00 Edm Tournament
Edmonton @ Swift Current 7:00 Edm Tournament
Spokane @ Seattle 11:30 Everett Tournament
Portland @ Sault Ste. Marie 3:00 Everett Tournament
Tri City @ Everett 7:00 Everett Tournament
Kamloops @ Chilliwack 7:00 Mission
Vancouver @ Kelowna 7:00
Regina @ Moose Jaw 7:00

Sun Sept 5
Prince George @ Swift Current 3:00 Edm Tournament
Edmonton @ Medicine Hat 7:00 Edm Tournament
Portland @ Spokane 11:30 Everett Tournament
Sault Ste. Marie @ Tri City 3:00 Everett Tournament
Seattle @ Everett 7:00 Everett Tournament

Wed Sept 8
Red Deer @ Calgary 7:00 Airdrie

Thu Sept 9
Everett @ Seattle 3:00 Tri City Tournament
Lethbridge @ Spokane 7:00 Tri City Tournament

Fri Sept 10
Seattle @ Kootenay 3:00 Tri City Tournament

Portland @ Everett 11:00 Tri City Tournament
Lethbridge @ Tri City 7:00 Tri City Tournament
Kelowna @ Kamloops 7:00 MacArthur Island Center
Saskatoon @ Moose Jaw 7:00
Edmonton @ Prince George 7:00
Brandon @ Regina 7:00
Medicine Hat @ Swift Current 7:00
Chilliwack @ Vancouver 7:30 Ladner

Sat Sep 11
Kootenay @ Portland 11:00 Tri City Tournament

Lethbridge @ Seattle 3:00 Tri City Tournament
Spokane @ Tri City 7:00 Tri City Tournament
Regina @ Brandon 7:30
Vancouver @ Chilliwack 7:00
Kamloops @ Kelowna 7:00
Swift Current @ Medicine Hat 7:30
Edmonton @ Prince George 7:00
Calgary @ Red Deer 7:30 Innisfail
Moose Jaw @ Saskatoon 7:05

Sun Sept 12
Kootenay @ Tri City 1:00 Tri City Tournament

Tue Sept 14
Medicine Hat @ Calgary 7:00 Strathmore
Red Deer @ Lethbridge 7:00 Nicholas Sheran Arena

Wed Sept 15
Saskatoon @ Regina 7:00 Co-Operators Centre

Thu Sept 16
Tri City @ Kootenay 7:00

Swift Current @ Prince Albert 7:00

Fri Sept 17
Moose Jaw @ Brandon 7:30
Kelowna @ Chilliwack 7:00
Seattle @ Everett 7:35
Prince George @ Kamloops 7:00
Calgary @ Lethbridge 7:00 Crowsnest Pass
Edmonton @ Red Deer 7:30 Lacombe
Spokane @ Tri City 7:00

Sat Sept 18
Kootenay @ Spokane 7:00

Lethbridge @ Calgary 7:00 Edge School
Chilliwack @ Kelowna 7:00
Brandon @ Moose Jaw 7:00
Kamloops @ Prince George 7:00
Medicine Hat @ Red Deer 7:30 Stettler
Regina @ Saskatoon 7:05
Portland @ Seattle 7:05
Prince Albert @ Swift Current 7:00
Everett @ Vancouver 7:30 Ladner

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Czerwonka 6th round Edmonton

Kootenay ICE forward Drew Czerwonka was selected in the 6th round of the NHL Draft by Edmonton.

O'Donnell 6th round Tampa Bay

Kootenay ICE list player Brendan O’Donnell was selected in the 6th round of the NHL Draft by Tampa Bay.
He was selected in the 9th round of the 2007 Bantam Draft and has commited to NCAA U of North Dakota.

Leach 3rd round Calgary

Kootenay ICE defenseman Joey Leach has been selected in the 3rd round of the NHL Draft by Calgary.

Reinhart 3rd Round Calgary

Kootenay ICE forward Max Reinhart has been selected in the 3rd round of the NHL Draft by Calgary.
His Father Paul spent some of his NHL career with the Flames.
For the ICE it's the 11th time in the last 12 years that a player has been drafted and 12th time in the 14 years of the Franchise history.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Funny NHL Skit

In case you missed the NHL Awards show, here was a great skit featuring an appearance by Scott Niedermayer.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ICE 10-11 TENTATIVE Schedule

Cranbrook, BC -- Jeff Chynoweth, General Manager of the Kootenay ICE Hockey Club, today released the Club’s 2010-2011 tentative WHL regular season schedule. Kootenay will open the 45th season of the Western Hockey League and their 13th year in Cranbrook at home on Saturday, September 25 at 7:00 pm against the Calgary Hitmen. The ICE will play a 72 game schedule (36 at home and 36 on the road) concluding Saturday, March 19 against Lethbridge.

Kootenay will play the Central Division teams a total of 34 times, Calgary and Red Deer eight times (four at home, four on the road), Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge six times (three at home, three on the road). In the East Division, the ICE will play Brandon, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, and Swift Current four times each (two at home, two on the road). In the BC Division, Kootenay will play Chilliwack, Kamloops, Kelowna, Prince George, and Vancouver once at home. In the US Division the ICE will play Spokane five times (two at home, three on the road) and Everett, Portland, Seattle, and Tri-City once on the road.

Of their 36 home games, the ICE will play 25 of them on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Kootenay will play 24 games on Friday (12) and Saturday (12), and one game on Sunday. The remaining games will be played on Tuesday (eight) and Wednesday (three).

Start times at the Cranbrook Recreation Complex will remain the same with all Tuesday to Saturday games starting at 7:00 pm, while all Sunday home games will start at 6:00 pm. Kootenay will play their annual New Year’s Eve game Friday, December 31 at 5:00 pm against Swift Current.

2010-2011 Season Tickets remain on sale at the ICE office.

Friday, September 10 @ Seattle (Tri City)
Saturday, September 11 @ Portland (Tri City)
Sunday, September 12 @ Tri City (Tri City)
Thursday, September 16 vs Tri City
Saturday, September 18 @ Spokane

Regular Season

Saturday, September 25 vs. Calgary

Friday, October 1 vs. Spokane
Wednesday, October 6 vs. Prince George
Saturday, October 16 vs. Regina
Tuesday, October 19 vs. Edmonton
Friday, October 22 vs. Red Deer
Friday, October 29 vs. Brandon

Tuesday, November 2 vs. Chilliwack
Friday, November 5 vs. Lethbridge
Saturday, November 6 vs. Calgary
Saturday, November 13 vs. Edmonton
Friday, November 19 vs. Saskatoon
Saturday, November 20 vs. Prince Albert

Saturday, December 4 vs. Medicine Hat
Wednesday, December 15 vs. Calgary
Friday, December 17 vs. Red Deer
Tuesday, December 28 vs. Medicine Hat
Friday, December 31 vs. Swift Current (5:00 pm)

Friday, January 7 vs. Moose Jaw
Saturday, January 8 vs. Red Deer
Friday, January 14 vs. Spokane
Tuesday, January 18 vs. Edmonton
Sunday, January 23 vs. Red Deer
Wednesday, January 26 vs. Brandon
Saturday, January 29 vs. Lethbridge

Tuesday, February 1 vs. Calgary
Saturday, February 5 vs. Vancouver
Tuesday, February 8 vs. Regina
Friday, February 18 vs. Medicine Hat
Saturday, February 19 vs. Saskatoon
Tuesday, February 22 vs. Kelowna
Friday, February 25 vs. Prince Albert
Saturday, February 26 vs. Kamloops

Tuesday, March 8 vs. Moose Jaw
Friday, March 11 vs. Swift Current
Saturday, March 19 vs. Lethbridge

Wednesday, September 29 @ Red Deer

Saturday, October 9 @ Lethbridge
Monday, October 11 @ Swift Current
Tuesday, October 12 @ Regina
Wednesday, October 13 @ Moose Jaw
Sunday, October 24 @ Edmonton
Tuesday, October 26 @ Medicine Hat
Wednesday, October 27 @ Calgary

Thursday, November 11 @ Calgary
Sunday, November 14 @ Calgary
Tuesday, November 23 @ Red Deer
Friday, November 26 @ Tri City
Saturday, November 27 @ Seattle
Tuesday, November 30 @ Everett

Wednesday, December 1 @ Portland
Wednesday, December 8 @ Prince Albert
Friday, December 10 @ Moose Jaw
Saturday, December 11 @ Brandon
Sunday, December 12 @ Saskatoon
Saturday, December 18 @ Red Deer
Wednesday, December 29 @ Medicine Hat

Sunday, January 2 @ Edmonton
Wednesday, January 12 @ Edmonton
Saturday, January 15 @ Spokane
Saturday, January 22 @ Spokane
Friday, January 28 @ Lethbridge

Wednesday, February 2 @ Calgary
Friday, February 11 @ Regina
Saturday, February 12 @ Swift Current
Wednesday, February 23 @ Red Deer

Wednesday, March 2 @ Brandon
Friday, March 4 @ Saskatoon
Saturday, March 5 @ Prince Albert
Saturday, March 12 @ Spokane
Tuesday, March 15 @ Medicine Hat
Friday, March 18 @ Lethbridge

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cranbrook NHL News

Cranbrook natives Scott Niedermayer and Tom Renney are in the news today.
Niedermayer will retire after 18 seasons in the NHL.
Renney will be the new Head Coach of the Edmonton Oilers with Pat Quinn stepping down to be an adviser.

Monday, June 21, 2010

10 Things I Think I Think

1. I think overall it'll be a big day for WHL players at the NHL Draft this weekend. The 1st WHL player may not be selected in the top 5, but by the end of the 1st round there will be 8 guys selected.
2. I think it'll be interesting to see how many European players will be selected this weekend in the NHL and then again in the CHL Import Draft later this month.
3. I think that you will begin to see some TENTATIVE schedules released by some WHL teams in the near future. The East Conference held their scheduling meetings this week.
4. I think I hope no WHL arenas will allow vuvuzelas this season.
5. I think it would be great if Cranbrook had a baseball park with lights. How great would it be to spend some summer nights watching a few innings of baseball. Hopefully by 2011 it'll be done.
6. I think I don't know who flops more ... NBA players or Soccer players. Yes it's embarrassing to the sport, but aren't the players doing everything they can to help their team win? Also remember that kids are growing up watching this happen and will probably do it when they get older and get involved in sports.
7. I think I'm starting too see some NFL magazines in stores and some NCAA football mags as well. Nothing on the CFL and the season starts July 1st, so I hear through the grapevine.
8. I think it's 3 months until a new WHL season starts. In some ways it's a long ways away and in other ways it's really close.
9. I think if you are a poker player you should know the WSOP Main event starts on July 5th. Buy-in is $10,000. 1st prize should be around 7 million.
10. I think it's okay to watch the U.S. Open once a year and see the players struggle to make par. ONCE a year.

Canada Camp Goalies

Hockey Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Hockey League, announced on Monday the four goaltenders who will attend Canada’s National Junior Team development camp in St. John’s, N.L., as well as the four goaltenders invited to Canada’s National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team selection camp, July 30-August 3 in Calgary.

Jean-François Bérubé Boisbriand, Que. Montreal (QMJHL)
Calvin Pickard Winnipeg, Man. Seattle (WHL)
Olivier Roy Causapscal, Que. Acadie-Bathurst (QMJHL)
Mark Visentin Waterdown, Ont. Niagara (OHL)

Robin Gusse Terrebonne, Que. Chicoutimi (QMJHL)
Liam Liston St. Albert, Alta. St. Albert (AMHL) (Brandon Draft pick)
Jeffrey Noonan Laval, Que. Laval-Montreal (LHMAAAQ)
Tyson Teichmann Belleville, Ont. Belleville (OHL)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Import Draft

The 2010 CHL Import draft takes place in 2 weeks on June 29th.
As of now, here is the selection order.

Pick Time Team Traded To
1 7:00am Prince George
2 7:15am Sarnia
3 7:30am Halifax
4 7:45am Edmonton
5 8:00am Belleville Kitchener
6 8:15am Baie-Comeau Victoriaville
7 8:30am Lethbridge Portland
8 8:40am Oshawa
9 8:50am Lewiston Quebec
10 9:00am Seattle
11 9:10am Owen Sound
12 9:20am Moncton Montreal
13 9:30am Regina Vancouver
14 9:40am Sudbury Mississauga
15 9:50am Acadie-Bathurst Rouyn-Noranda
16 10:00am Prince Albert
17 10:10am Niagara Saginaw
18 10:20am Chicoutimi
19 10:30am Chilliwack Edmonton
20 10:40am Peterborough
21 10:50am Gatineau
22 11:00am Kamloops
23 11:10am Brampton
24 11:20am Montreal Quebec
25 11:30am Kelowna
26 11:40am Kingston
27 11:50am Shawinigan
28 12:00pm Moose Jaw
29 12:10pm Erie
30 12:20pm Rimouski Rouyn-Noranda
31 12:30pm Swift Current
32 12:40pm Guelph
33 12:50pm PEI
34 1:00pm Red Deer
35 1:10pm Saginaw
36 1:20pm Cape Breton
37 1:30pm Vancouver
38 1:40pm Sault Ste. Marie
39 1:50pm Rouyn-Noranda Acadie-Bathurst
40 2:00pm Medicine Hat
41 2:10pm Plymouth
42 2:20pm Quebec Lewiston
43 2:30pm Kootenay
44 2:40pm Ottawa
45 2:50pm Victoriaville Baie-Comeau
46 3:00pm Portland Lethbridge
47 3:10pm Mississauga Sudbury
48 3:20pm Moncton
49 3:30pm Spokane
50 3:40pm Kitchener Plymouth
51 3:50pm Drummondville
52 4:00pm Everett
53 4:10pm London
54 4:20pm Saint John
55 4:30pm Tri City
56 4:40pm Windsor
57 4:50pm Saskatoon
58 5:00pm Barrie
59 5:10pm Brandon
60 5:20pm Calgary
61 Prince George
62 Sarnia
63 Halifax
64 Edmonton
65 Belleville
66 Baie-Comeau
67 Lethbridge
68 Oshawa
69 Lewiston
70 Seattle
71 Sudbury
72 Val-d'Or
73 Regina
74 Niagara
75 Acadie-Bathurst
76 Prince Albert
77 Owen Sound
78 Chicoutimi
79 Chilliwack
80 Peterborough
81 Gatineau
82 Kamloops
83 Brampton
84 Montreal
85 Kelowna
86 Kingston
87 Shawinigan
88 Moose Jaw
89 Erie
90 Rimouski
91 Swift Current
92 Guelph
93 PEI
94 Red Deer
95 Saginaw
96 Cape Breton
97 Vancouver Kamloops
98 Sault Ste. Marie
99 Rouyn-Noranda
100 Medicine Hat
101 Plymouth Kitchener
102 Quebec Montreal
103 Kootenay
104 Ottawa
105 Victoriaville
106 Portland
107 Mississauga
108 Moncton
109 Spokane
110 Kitchener
111 Drummondville
112 Everett
113 London
114 Saint John
115 Tri City
116 Windsor
117 Saskatoon
118 Barrie
119 Brandon
120 Calgary

Friday, June 11, 2010

Canada U-18 Invites

Hockey Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Hockey League, announced Friday the 38 players who have been invited to attend Canada’s National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team selection camp, which runs from July 31-August 3 at Father David Bauer Olympic Arena in Calgary, home of Canada’s national teams.
The roster includes 14 defencemen and 24 forwards. Four goaltenders will be added to the camp roster following the June 17-20 Program of Excellence goaltending camp in Calgary. Five U18-eligible goaltenders will be in attendance at that camp.

Myles Bell R 5’11” 200 08/19/93 Calgary, Alta. Regina (WHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Cody Ceci R 6’1” 188 12/21/93 Ottawa, Ont. Ottawa (OHL) 2012 Dft/Rep.
Dillon Donnelly L 6’1” 181 09/07/93 Montreal, Que. Shawinigan (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Dougie Hamilton R 6’3” 180 06/17/93 Toronto, Ont. Niagara (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Scott Harrington L 6’0.5” 195 03/10/93 Kingston, Ont. London (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Ryan Murphy R 5’10.5” 160 03/31/93 Aurora, Ont. Kitchener (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Ryan Murray L 5’11.5” 185 09/27/93 White City, Sask. Everett (WHL) 2012 Dft/Rep.
Jimmy Oligny L 5’10.5” 190 04/30/93 St-Michel, Que. PEI (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Xavier Ouellet L 6’0” 174 07/29/93 Terrebonne, Que. Montreal (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Stuart Percy L 6’0.5” 176 05/18/93 Oakville, Ont. Mississauga St. Michael’s (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Jonathan Racine L 6’1” 169 05/28/93 St-Agathe, Que. Shawinigan (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Reece Scarlett R 6’0” 167 03/31/93 Sherwood Park, Alta. Swift Current (WHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Duncan Siemens L 6’2” 185 09/07/93 Sherwood Park, Alta. Saskatoon (WHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Stephen Woodworth L 5’11” 175 01/21/93 Middleton, N.S. Lewiston (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Brent Andrews L 6’2” 191 01/19/93 Hunter River, P.E.I. Halifax (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Olivier Archambault L 5’10.5” 165 02/16/93 Le Gardeur, Que. Val d’Or (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Austen Brassard R 6’1.5” 184 01/14/93 Windsor, Ont. Belleville (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
David Broll L 6’1” 220 01/04/93 Mississauga, Ont. Erie (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Raphaël Bussières L 6’0” 170 11/05/93 Saint-Hubert, Que. Baie-Comeau (QMJHL) 2012 Dft/Rep.
Daniel Catenacci L 5’9.5” 181 03/09/93 Newmarket, Ont. Sault Ste. Marie (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Michael Curtis L 5’11.5” 174 01/26/93 Mississauga, Ont. Belleville (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Phillip Danault L 5’11” 162 02/24/93 Victoriaville, Que. Victoriaville (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Jonathan Huberdeau L 6’0” 154 06/04/93 Prévost, Que. Saint John (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Boone Jenner L 6’0.5” 192 06/15/93 Dorcester, Ont. Oshawa (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Jean-François Leblanc L 6’3.5” 186 03/03/93 St-Hyacinthe, Que. Val d’Or (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Lucas Lessio L 6’0” 180 01/23/93 Maple, Ont. St. Michael’s (CCHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Adam Lowry L 6’2” 167 03/29/93 Calgary, Alta. Swift Current (WHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Mark McNeill R 6’0.5” 198 02/22/93 Edmonton, Alta. Prince Albert (WHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Garrett Meurs R 5’10.5” 164 01/12/93 Ripley, Ont. Plymouth (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Bryce Milson L 5’10” 170 01/25/93 Miramichi, N.B. Acadie-Bathurst (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins L 5’11.5” 155 04/12/93 Burnaby, B.C. Red Deer (WHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Matt Puempel L 6’0.5” 188 01/24/93 Essex, Ont. Peterborough (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Alan Quine L 5’10” 168 02/25/93 Belleville, Ont. Kingston (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Ty Rattie R 6’0” 170 02/05/93 Airdrie, Alta. Portland (WHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Brett Ritchie R 6’2.5” 195 07/01/93 Orangeville, Ont. Sarnia (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Carter Sandlak L 6’1” 190 05/18/93 London, Ont. Guelph (OHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Colin Smith R 5’9.5” 157 06/20/93 Edmonton, Alta. Kamloops (WHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Michael St. Croix R 5’10” 168 04/10/93 Winnipeg, Man. Edmonton (WHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.

McNabb Invited To Canada Development Camp

Hockey Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Hockey League, announced roster details on Thursday for Canada’s National Junior Team development camp, scheduled for early August in St. John’s, N.L. Forty-one skaters (defencemen and forwards) have been identified to attend the camp. Four goaltenders will be named in late June, following the June 17-20 Program of Excellence goaltending camp.

Tyson Barrie R 5’10” 190 07/26/91 Victoria, B.C. Kelowna (WHL) COL ’09 (3, 64)
Jared Cowen L 6’5” 226 01/25/91 Allan, Sask. Spokane (WHL) OTT ’09 (1, 9)
Nicolas Deslauriers L 6’0” 198 02/22/91 St-Anicet, Que. Gatineau (QMJHL) LA ’09 (3, 84)
Simon Despres L 6’4” 205 07/27/91 Laval, Que. Saint John (QMJHL) PIT ’09 (1, 30)
Taylor Doherty R 6’8” 230 03/02/91 Cambridge, Ont. Kingston (OHL) SJ ’09 (2, 57)
Stefan Elliott R 6’1” 191 01/30/91 North Vancouver, B.C. Saskatoon (WHL) COL ’09 (2, 49)
Ryan Ellis R 5’10” 184 01/03/91 Freelton, Ont. Windsor (OHL) NSH ’09 (1, 11)
Jerome Gauthier-Leduc R 6’1” 171 07/30/92 Quebec City, Que. Rimouski (QMJHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Brandon Gormley L 6’2” 184 02/18/92 Murray River, P.E.I. Moncton (QMJHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Erik Gudbranson R 6’3” 195 01/07/92 Orleans, Ont. Kingston (OHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Brayden McNabb L 6’4” 210 01/21/91 Davidson, Sask. Kootenay (WHL) BUF ’09 (3, 66)
Neil Manning L 5’11” 170 05/12/91 Nanaimo, B.C. Vancouver (WHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Dylan Olsen L 6’2” 217 01/03/91 Calgary, Alta. Minnesota-Duluth (NCAA) CHI ’09 (1, 28)
Brett Ponich L 6’7” 225 02/22/91 Edmonton, Alta. Portland (WHL) STL ’09 (2, 48)
Mark Pysyk R 6’0” 170 01/11/92 Sherwood Park, Alta. Edmonton (WHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Charles-Olivier Roussel R 6’1” 196 09/13/91 St-Eustache, Que. Shawinigan (QMJHL) NSH ’09 (2, 42)
Carter Ashton L 6’3” 200 04/01/91 Saskatoon, Sask. Regina (WHL) TB ’09 (1, 29)
Taylor Beck R 6’2” 205 05/13/91 St. Catharine’s, Ont. Guelph (OHL) NSH ’09 (3, 70)
Casey Cizikas L 5’10” 190 02/27/91 Toronto, Ont. Mississauga St. Michael’s (OHL) NYI ’09 (4, 92)
Kyle Clifford L 6’1” 200 01/13/91 Ayr, Ont. Barrie (OHL) LA ’09 (2, 35)
Sean Couturier L 6’3” 185 12/07/92 Bathurst, N.B. Drummondville (QMJHL) 2011 Dft/Rep.
Cody Eakin L 5’11.5” 182 05/25/91 Winnipeg, Man. Swift Current (WHL) WSH ’09 (3, 85)
Brendan Gallagher R 5’8” 163 06/05/92 Delta, B.C. Vancouver (WHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Scott Glennie R 6’1” 188 02/22/91 Winnipeg, Man. Brandon (WHL) DAL ’09 (1, 8)
Taylor Hall L 6’0” 181 11/14/91 Kingston, Ont. Windsor (OHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Curtis Hamilton L 6’3” 202 12/04/91 Kelowna, B.C. Saskatoon (WHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Quinton Howden L 6’3” 183 01/21/92 Oak Bank, Man. Moose Jaw (WHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Ryan Howse L 5’11” 195 07/06/91 Prince George, B.C. Chilliwack (WHL) CGY ’09 (3, 74)
Ryan Johansen R 6’2” 180 07/31/92 Port Moody, B.C. Portland (WHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Zack Kassian R 6’3” 215 01/24/91 LaSalle, Ont. Windsor (OHL) BUF ’09 (1, 13)
Louis Leblanc R 5’11.5” 181 01/26/91 Pointe-Claire, Que. Harvard (NCAA) MTL ’09 (1, 18)
Brad Ross L 6’1” 167 05/28/92 Lethbridge, Alta. Portland (WHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Brayden Schenn L 6’0” 194 08/22/91 Saskatoon, Sask. Brandon (WHL) LA ’09 (1, 5)
Jaden Schwartz L 5’10” 193 06/25/92 Wilcox, Sask. Tri-City (USHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Tyler Seguin R 6’1” 186 01/31/92 Brampton, Ont. Plymouth (OHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Riley Sheahan L 6’2” 200 12/07/91 St. Catharine’s, Ont. Notre Dame (NCAA) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Jeffrey Skinner L 5’10” 182 05/16/92 Markham, Ont. Kitchener (OHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Tyler Toffoli R 6’0” 181 04/24/92 Scarborough, Ont. Ottawa (OHL) 2010 Dft/Rep.
Linden Vey R 5’11” 176 07/17/91 Wakaw, Sask. Medicine Hat (WHL) LA ’09 (4, 96)
Ethan Werek L 6’2” 200 06/07/91 Markham, Ont. Kingston (OHL) NYR ’09 (2, 47)
Will attend development camp but will not take part in on-ice sessions
Calvin de Haan L 6’0" 182 05/09/91 Carp, Ont. Oshawa (OHL) NYI ’09 (1, 12)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cranbrook Native on U-18 Canada Coaching Staff

Cranbrook native and Tri City Americans Head Coach Jim Hiller will be an assistant Coach for Canada's U-18 Team.

CALGARY, Alta. – Hockey Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Hockey League, announced on Tuesday that George Burnett, head coach and general manager of the OHL’s Belleville Bulls, will be the head coach of Canada’s National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team for the 2010 Memorial of Ivan Hlinka tournament, scheduled for August 10-14 in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Burnett will be joined behind Canada’s bench by assistant coaches Ron Choules (head coach of the QMJHL’s Acadie-Bathurst Titan) and Jim Hiller (head coach of the WHL’s Tri-City Americans) for the tournament, which Canada has won in each of the last two years, and five of the last seven.

George Burnett, 48, will make his second appearance as head coach of Canada’s National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team, having led Canada to a gold medal at the 2001 Six Nations Cup in the Czech Republic. He was most recently an assistant coach with Canada’s National Men’s Under-18 Team at the 2010 IIHF World Under-18 Championship in Belarus, where Canada finished seventh. The Port, Perry, Ont., native has spent 13 seasons as a head coach in the Ontario Hockey League, six with the Bulls. He has also been the head coach for Niagara Falls, Guelph and Oshawa, winning the OHL Coach of the Year award twice – 1990-91 and 1991-92. Burnett coached the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers for 35 games during the 1994-95 season and led Edmonton’s AHL farm team, the Cape Breton Oilers, to a Calder Cup championship in 1993.
“It is always a tremendous privilege and honour to represent Canada on the international stage,” said Burnett. “Being with Team Canada past has always been a tremendous experience and I am anxious to get started with the coaching staff to get our plan in place.”

Jim Hiller, 41, just completed his first season as head coach of the Americans, leading the team to its first-ever appearance in the WHL final. Prior to arriving in Tri-City, the Nelson, B.C., native was the first head coach of the WHL’s Chilliwack Bruins from 2007-09, leading the team to a playoff berth in its expansion season, and spent the 2006-07 season as head coach of his hometown Alberni Valley Bulldogs of the British Columbia Hockey League, leading the team to a 43-12-2 record. Hiller, a 10th-round pick of the Los Angeles Kings in 1989, played 63 NHL games with L.A., Detroit and the New York Rangers, and finished his career in Germany and Italy before retiring in 2002 and joining Tri-City as an assistant coach.

Ron Choules, 46, will be behind the Team Canada bench for the first time this summer, having just completed his second full season as head coach of the Titan. A scout with Acadie-Bathurst for three years before becoming head coach, Choules served simultaneously as head coach and general manager of the Kahnawake Condors of the Ligue de hockey junior AAA du Québec, where he was a finalist for the league’s Coach of the Year award in 2006-07. A 12th-round pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1983, Choules played four seasons in the QMJHL with Hull, Trois-Rivières and Quebec from 1981-84 and was named to the league’s second all-star team in 1982-83.
“The under-18 program plays a vital role in the development of Canada’s top young players, both on and off the ice, and we are extremely confident the three coaches we are naming today will continue to assist in that development,” said Brad Pascall, Hockey Canada’s senior director of national men’s teams. “We look forward to working with the coaches this summer as we aim for a third-consecutive gold medal in Europe.”

Hockey Canada will announce details for the National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team’s selection camp in the near future, including the players that will be invited to camp.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cranbrook Native on Canada Coaching Staff

Kelowna Rocket Coach Ryan Huska, who was born in Cranbrook, is one of the Assistant Coaches for Canada for this years' WJHC.

CALGARY, Alta. – Hockey Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Hockey League, announced on Monday that Dave Cameron, head coach of the OHL’s Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors will be head coach of Canada’s National Junior Team for the 2011 IIHF World Junior Championship, scheduled for December 26, 2010 to January 5, 2011 in Buffalo and Niagara, N.Y.

Cameron will be joined behind Canada’s bench by assistant coaches Bob Boughner (head coach of the OHL’s Windsor Spitfires), Ryan Huska (head coach of the WHL’s Kelowna Rockets) and André Tourigny (head coach and general manager of the QMJHL’s Rouyn-Noranda Huskies).

Dave Cameron, 51, will be a part of the National Junior Team coaching staff for the third-consecutive year, having won gold as an assistant coach in 2009 in Ottawa, Ont., before taking silver as an associate coach in 2010 in Regina/Saskatoon, Sask. Cameron also served as head coach of Canada’s National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team at the 2004 Junior World Cup, winning a gold medal. The Kincora, P.E.I. native has been head coach and director of hockey operations of Mississauga St. Michael’s since the 2007-08 season.

“I am truly honoured and humbled to be named head coach of Canada’s National Junior Team,” said Cameron. “I look forward to working with the great staff that we have assembled, and our first objective will be to reclaim gold for Canada at the World Juniors.”

Bob Boughner, 39, was the head coach of Canada’s National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team at the 2009 Memorial of Ivan Hlinka, leading it to its second-consecutive gold medal. Boughner, an 11-year NHL veteran, has led Windsor to Memorial Cup championships in 2009 and 2010, and was named OHL and CHL coach of the year in both 2007-08 and 2008-09.

Ryan Huska, 34, will make his international debut behind the bench at the 2011 IIHF World Championship. The head coach of the Rockets since 2007, Huska is a veteran of seven Memorial Cups as both a player and a coach – he won championships as a player with the Kamloops Blazers in 1992, 1994 and 1995 and as an assistant coach with Kelowna in 2004, and also appeared in the tournament as Kelowna’s assistant coach in 2003 and 2005 and as the team’s head coach in 2009.

André Tourigny, 36, will be an assistant coach with Canada’s National Junior Team for the second year in a row, having served under Willie Desjardins at the 2010 tournament. The Nicolet, Que., native was an assistant coach of Canada’s National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team for the 2008 Memorial of Ivan Hlinka, winning a gold medal. He has been head coach of the Huskies since 2001 and was named QMJHL coach of the year in 2005-06.

“We are very excited about the coaching staff we are naming today for Canada’s National Junior Team,” said Brad Pascall, Hockey Canada’s senior director of men’s national teams. “All four of these coaches bring a wealth of experience, and we look forward to working with them this winter in Buffalo.”

In addition, Hockey Canada also announced the support staff that will be working with Canada’s National Junior Team at the 2011 IIHF World Championship. For a full list of staff members, CLICK HERE.

Hockey Canada will announce details for the National Junior Team’s summer development camp shortly, including the players that will be invited to camp.

10 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that if you are a fan of the WHL the things that will catch your attention this month are … WHL Scheduling Meetings (Eastern Conference on June 21) … NHL Draft on June 25-26 and the CHL Import Draft on June 29.
2. I think that of the 3 WHL teams that are looking for a new Head Coach, Kootenay, Spokane and Edmonton, the Oil Kings will find their man first. The ICE and Chiefs may wait the whole summer.
3. I think there is quite a war of words between the CHL and NCAA as they try to deliver messages to potential hockey players. As you may or may not know, once a player plays in a CHL game they lose their potential NCAA eligibility. For many, many years the NCAA has approached Canadian kids to entice them to skip the CHL route. In recent years the CHL has increased the number of American born players on their rosters and now it seems the NCAA is calling foul. It’s up to the parents to make sure the gather all the information from both sides and make an informed decision. The WHL is a Hockey route and an Education route as the players get 1 year of scholarship for every year played in the WHL.
4. I think I have been watching NBC’s coverage of the NHL Finals instead of CBC. Better video quality, audio quality and commentary.
5. I think I was disappointed when I did switch over to CBC for the intermission segment of Ron MacLean interviewing Commissioner Gary Bettman. There wasn’t one question in which a hockey fan cared about. It was a business and money and MacLean seemed more concerned about showing he had some inside information on some Franchises money situations. Painful to watch.
6. I think I’m looking forward to filling out a World Cup bracket. I’m not a big soccer fan but the World Cup has a great appeal.
7. I think it’s amazing that there have been 2 perfect games in MLB this season and of course there should have been 3 if not for the wrong call at the end of Detroit game. There have been 20 in the history of MLB and 2 this year alone. Why? Less steroid use by the batters? Better team defense?
8. I think as the hockey and basketball seasons come to an end I can’t wait for football season. I like baseball but for some reason football can’t get here quick enough.
9. I think it has not been a great NBA Finals to watch between the Lakers and Celtics. Too many fouls and too many whistles.
10. I think these are my non-hockey thoughts.
a) I think I am still debating whether to get an iPad.
b) I think the whole time I watched Avatar at home on TV I wondered how it really looked in 3D.
c) I think I am looking forward to watching the MLB Draft tonight on the MLB Network, oh wait that channel is not available in Canada.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Hockey Magazine

I have recently been contacted by Kevin Gavin who is a part of a new hockey magazine called PuckLife.
They do not print hard copies as they are only viewable online or as they say digital copies.
The 1st 3 months are free and then they will charge for subscriptions.
They are in the very early stages of the magazine and are looking for input and ideas.
He says they will have stories on the CHL and the latest issue has a mock draft for this month's NHL Draft.

The link to the magazine is now posted in my list on the right side and here ...

They also have started a blog ...

Kevin has given this description of the magazine and it's approach.

"PuckLife is a digital magazine designed for die-hard hockey fans that just can’t get enough puck. We take our readers behind the scenes and inside the worlds of their favorite hockey stars by profiling the most important personalities in the game today. From frozen ponds to the NHL and everything in between, we present the game with style, sophistication and a whole lot of attitude.
You can check out the first three issues of PuckLife for free at"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

U-16 Canada Winter Games

For the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax Nova Scotia there will be an Under-16 hockey tournament. (in the past it was the Under-17).
The event takes place Feb 11-27.

The ICE have prospects who have been invited to their provinces evaluation camps.
10 of their 11 2010 Bantam Draft picks have been invited.
BC - Sam Reinhart
Alberta - Wyatt Hoflin, Kyle Krabben, Jaedon Descheneau, Jakson Elynuik, Luke Philp, Jesse Wood-Shatz
Saskatchewan - Tanner Faith
Manitoba - Cole DePape, Jonathan Martin.

Ryan Chynoweth (Jeff Chynoweths's son, Everett draft pick) has been invited to Team Alberta.