Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chynoweth Comments on Import Draft

GM Jeff Chynoweth
on 1st pick Petr Vesely
"We know Petr had a very good year last year in junior in the Czech Republic. He was 5th in the league in scoring and the second leading 1994-born player with 60 points in 43 games. You need to score goals to win games and we think once he gets adjusted to the North American game, as it takes all players time coming over here to adjust, we hope he can add some offense to our team."

on where he will fit into the line-up
"Our 1994 age group up front is very thin. Levi Cable is our only returning player and we picked up Jordyn Boyd (trade with Everett) and we are hoping these 2 new players will eventually will be key contributers to our club as we are going to be a very young club this year."

on 2nd pick Jakub Prochazka
"He's got a late birthday and is not available until next years' NHL Draft. I've heard good things about him. In talking with some people that we know the reports were pretty good. They say both players have potential to be top 6 forwards at some point in their career, I just think it will be right off the bat. He's got some skill and an edge to his game with 69 penalty minutes in 37 games last year."

on making 2 picks this year
"The main thing for us is that we are paying for the Cody Eakin deal this year big time. By that I mean Colby Cave was part of that deal and he would definitely have been a part of our group this year. We're going to be such a young team this year, probably 8-10 1995-born players and thats too young as you still win in the WHL with 18, 19 and quality 20-year-olds. This is the best way to replenish the talent pool and these guys play a high level of hockey, maybe not the same level as the CHL but if you put up numbers at any level and people will take notice."