Monday, November 18, 2013

10 Things

1. Milestone Update …
Career Games Played – Jagger Dirk is 13th with 265 GP (12th 267 Max Reinhart), Austin Vetterl (154, 90 with ICE) Levis Cable (152) and Jon Martin (151) recently passed 150, Jeff Hubic is at 149 and Landon Cross is at 145 (11 with ICE).
Forward Goals – Sam Reinhart is 16th with 75 (Jay Henderson is 15th with 77), Jaedon Descheneau with 51 is the 28th to reach 50. Tim Bozon has 78 (3 with ICE).
Defenseman Goals – Jagger Dirk is 9th with 18 (James Martin and Hayden Rintoul had 19).
Forward Assists – Sam Reinhart is tied for 14th with Colin Sinclair with 112. (Nigel Dawes had 113, Jesse Ismond 114)
Forward Points – Sam Reinhart is 12th with 187 (11th is Adam Cracknel at 213). Jaedon Descheneau is tied for 25th with Jaroslav Svoboda with 125. Tim Bozon has 179 (10 with ICE).
Defenseman Points – Jagger Dirk is 7th with 105 (Chad Greenan is 6th with 123)
PPG – Sam Reinhart is 19th with 20 career PPG (tied with Max Reinhart, Ben Maxwell, Arnaud Jacquemet)

2. The last time Everett played in Cranbrook was November 4th, 2011. The only players still with their teams’ that played in that game … ICE – Jeff Hubic, Jagger Dirk, Sam Reinhart, Jon Martin, Levi Cable and Mackenzie Skapski (back-up), Silvertips – Kohl Bauml, Josh Winquist, Austin Adam and Austin Lotz (back-up). Ryan Chynoweth played for the Silvertips.

3. Cranbrook’s Ben Betker has not played a WHL game in his hometown and that will change on Tuesday. Unless he gets traded or the teams’ meet in the playoffs this will be the only game.

4. The last time an ICE player played for Canada at the World Junior Championships was 2005 with Nigel Dawes and Jeff Glass winning Gold.

5. The last ICE player to play in the World Junior Championships was Arnaud Jacquemet for Switzerland in 2008.

6. Mackenzie Skapski’s brother Mitch used to be with the Silvertips and this year was traded to Victoria.

7. In the 2013 calendar year Jaedon Descheneau has 42 goals in 57 regular season games. At the end of last season he had 24 goals in 34 games and this year has 18 goals in 23 games.

8. The ICE have 12 wins this season, last year they reached that total on New Years’ Eve.

9. With Rinat Valiev and Matt Alfaro scoring on the road trip the only players looking for their 1st career goals are Troy Murray and Jordan Steenbergen.

10. The longest winning streak this season by the ICE is 2 games and their longest losing streak is 2 games.