Thursday, March 13, 2014


The ICE magic number to clinch 5th place in the East Conference is 3 points. Any combination of the ICE earning points and Swift Current not earning points adding up to 3 will put the ICE in 5th place.

The ICE have clinched a playoff spot for the 16th consecutive season which is the longest active streak in the WHL.

In 3 of the last 4 years the ICE have had a winning record on the road.
After 35 road games this season they have a record of 17-16-2-0.

This is the 15th straight year that the ICE will have a .500 or better record. Last year they finished exactly at .500.

Jaedon Descheneau is the latest to reach the 40-goal mark, 13 times an ICE player has scored 40-or-more goals in a season.
(50 Nigel Dawes 04-05, 49 Jay Henderson 97-98, 47 Zdenek Blatny 99-00, 47 Nigel Dawes 02-03,
47 Nigel Dawes 03-04, 45 Duncan Milroy 01-02, 43 Mike Green 99-00, 43 Jaedon Deschenau 13-14, 42 Adam Cracknell 05-06, 41 Scott Burt 97-98, 40 Steve DaSilva 07-08, 40 Jarret Stoll 00-01, 40 John Kachur 96-97).

Sam Reinhart has 65 assists which is the 2nd most in a season by an ICE player.
(66 Jarret Stoll 00-01)

Sam Reinhart has 99 points which is the 2nd most in a season, Jaedon Descheneau has 95 and is 3rd most in a season and it’s the 10th and 11th time an ICE forward has reached 90 or more points in a season.
(106 Jarret Stoll 00-01, 94 Jay Henderson 97-98, 93 Adam Cracknell 05-06, 93 Dustin Sylvester 09-10, 92 Mike Green 99-00, 92 Nigel Dawes 02-03, 91 Zdenek Blatny 99-00, 91 Steve DaSilva 06-07, 90 Steve DaSilva 07-08).

Jagger Dirk, with 308 games, is the 7th player to play over 300 regular season games with the ICE.
(344 Dale Mahovsky, 340 Joe Antilla, 335 Kevin King, 325 Colin Sinclair, 324 Adam Taylor, 307 Dustin Sylvester).

Mackenzie Skapski is 3rd overall for games played by an ICE goalie with 139. (178 Nathan Lieuwen, 143 Jeff Glass).

Sam Reinhart is 1 goal away from being the 5th player to reach 100 career goals. (159 Nigel Dawes, 124 Jarret Stoll, 111 Dustin Sylvester, 103 Steve DaSilva).
Luke Philp is 1 goal away from being the 28th forward to reach 50 career goals.

Sam Reinhart is 2nd all-time with 149 career forward assists. (162 Jarret Stoll).
Zach Franko has 139 career assists, 12 with Kootenay.
Tim Bozon has 126 career assists, 32 with Kootenay.

Jagger Dirk is 2nd all-time with 112 defenseman assists. (128 Brayden McNabb).

Sam Reinhart is 4th all-time with 248 career forward points. (286 Jarret Stoll, 272 Nigel Dawes, 251 Dustin Sylvester)
Jaedon Descheneau is 13th all-time with 187.
Luke Philp is tied for 29th with 118.
Tim Bozon has 231 career points, 62 with Kootenay.
Zach Franko has 220 career points, 21 with Kootenay.

Jagger Dirk is 2nd all-time with 138 career defenseman points. (176 Brayden McNabb).

Sam Reinhart is tied with Steve DaSilva for 4th place with 19 career game winning goals. (29 Nigel Dawes, 22 Dustin Sylvester, 21 Andrew Bailey)

Mackenzie Skapski is 4th all-time with 74 career wins (85 Nathan Lieuwen, 82 Taylor Dakers, 75 Jeff Glass).