Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cross and Peel Not At ICE Camp

Overage defensemen Landon Cross and Landon Peel have not reported to training camp.
They have told the ICE that they want to play in the MJHL.

ICE GM Jeff Chynoweth explained the situation ...
"Both players have informed us a different points in the summer that they would like to play Junior A this year in Manitoba. Landon Cross in Steinbach and Landon Peel in Portage. Unfortunately both players are going to be suspended for not reporting to camp and fulfilling their 20-year-old year of their WHL Standard Contract. How long the suspension lasts, I don't know. But I know the WHL is working with Hockey Manitoba and the Manitoba Junior League. It disappoints us that both guys aren't coming back. Not that we would have carried 2 20-year-old defensemen with what was coming back, definitely one of those two was going to be a big part of our hockey club. It's disappointing and we have to move on from it."

On why the WHL is involved ...
"I think they're concerned about players not fulfilling their contracts. When they signed their contracts they're for 5 years, usually from 16 to 20 and includes their 20-year-old season. Some of these players think that they have a chance to go play in a lower league, have some fun, maybe make a little more money you know playing that way, I don't know you'd have to ask each individual player. From our end it's just disappointing, from the league's end they've had our 2 players, they've had Reid Gow from Spokane and there's rumblings of a couple of other players. We've got to stick together as the Western Hockey League and the 22 teams because if players just want to walk whenever they can it doesn't bode well for our future."

On down to 2 overagers with Levi Cable and Austin Vetterl ...
"We'll see what happens if Mackenzie Skapski comes back. We'll deal with it at that time. Obviously Wyatt Hoflin gave us a big lift last year in the first round of the playoffs, won the series against Calgary. We think he is ready to be the number one guy so obviously if Mackenzie comes back we've got to make a decision on what's best for our organization moving forward. Until he's back we can't do anything."