Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Big decisions in life don't come easy and after much reflection I have decided to take a leap of faith in my career and this will be my last posting as the Voice of the ICE as I will not be returning next season.

Being a play-by-play announcer has always been my number one career goal and have enjoyed the past 16 years more than I thought possible.
The combination of the radio station and hockey is the best in WHL and have been extremely fortunate to be in this situation.
From day one The Drive/B-104 (Jim Pattison Broadcast Group) gave me total freedom to create a broadcast from the ground up and always gave me the equipment and tools to have a top quality broadcast.
The ICE have been 100% professional in dealing with me from a media stand point and never ever gave us a muzzle or filter in our coverage of the team.

Obviously I have been extremely fortunate to cover 3 WHL Championship teams and a Memorial Cup winning team. Whenever I am asked for my favorite all-time moment or game I have at least a dozen to choose from and can never narrow it down to just one. It has been an amazing, remarkable and unforgettable time.

I won't waste your time in thanking everyone on social media as I prefer to do that in person.

But to you the fans, thanx for listening.