Thursday, April 21, 2016

CFL Drug Testing

The CFL and Players’ Association have agreed on expanding testing for performance enhancing drugs.
They should be applauded for increasing the number of testing from 35% of the players to 100%.
It includes recognizing sanctions from CIS, NCAA, NFL and other Wada tested sports. If you cheated before it will be held against you.
The problem is that a 1st time violation is a 2-game suspension, 2nd time is 9 games, 3rd time is a 1 year penalty and a 4th time violation is a lifetime ban.
If you really want to stop players from using illegal performance enhancing drugs shouldn’t the penalty be lifetime for the first time?
Why give players a chance to try and beat the system with a minor suspension?
What are they saying when you can break the rules 4 times before the CFL says that’s enough?
I’m sure it’s something the players’ association bargained for but who are they trying to protect and why do they want to give them 4 strikes before they are out?
These rules hurt only one type of player and that’s the athletes who don’t cheat.