Thursday, May 12, 2016


CFL teams unveiled their new jerseys today and there will be lots of praise and lots of negative reaction.
When it comes to uniforms there are 2 ways you can go. Pay tribute to the colors of the franchise or go totally different from what your team tradionally has done in the past.
It’s evident that every CFL uniform revealed today honors each team’s history.
There are also 2 types of uniforms. One that looks good when you are 10 feet away from the person wearing the jersey and one that looks good when out on the field.
For example the jersey’s that are a dark color and then use dark numbers may look impressive up close but when watching them in a game you have no chance at identifying the numbers.
Early impressions are that the uniforms are user friendly, unique to each franchise and hey I can see the numbers when watching for the stands or on TV.