Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Articles And Audio

Just a reminder that I am doing articles and features for DubNetwork.ca.
These will only appear on that website and not on this blog.
The recent posts include ...

Since The Trade - http://www.dubnetwork.ca/uncategorized/whl-since-trade-updated/
There were 86 trades made this season and I break down each one to show what those players stats since being moved to a new team. The stats are as of January 29.

Central Division Recap - http://www.dubnetwork.ca/central-division/central-division-recap-3/
This is a weekly feature that just looks at the 6 Central Division teams.

Playoffs Experience - http://www.dubnetwork.ca/insight/whl-playoff-experience/
Those who have followed this blog over the years will recognize this collection of stats. Which WHL teams have the most playoff experience based on their current roster?

WHL Unfiltered - http://www.dubnetwork.ca/podcast/whl-unfiltered-season-1-episode-1/
This is a Podcast that we will do on a weekly basis. It's also available for free download on ITunes.
We will get weekly guests, this week Greg Drinnan, talk everything WHL and encourage your feedback.