Monday, June 7, 2010

10 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that if you are a fan of the WHL the things that will catch your attention this month are … WHL Scheduling Meetings (Eastern Conference on June 21) … NHL Draft on June 25-26 and the CHL Import Draft on June 29.
2. I think that of the 3 WHL teams that are looking for a new Head Coach, Kootenay, Spokane and Edmonton, the Oil Kings will find their man first. The ICE and Chiefs may wait the whole summer.
3. I think there is quite a war of words between the CHL and NCAA as they try to deliver messages to potential hockey players. As you may or may not know, once a player plays in a CHL game they lose their potential NCAA eligibility. For many, many years the NCAA has approached Canadian kids to entice them to skip the CHL route. In recent years the CHL has increased the number of American born players on their rosters and now it seems the NCAA is calling foul. It’s up to the parents to make sure the gather all the information from both sides and make an informed decision. The WHL is a Hockey route and an Education route as the players get 1 year of scholarship for every year played in the WHL.
4. I think I have been watching NBC’s coverage of the NHL Finals instead of CBC. Better video quality, audio quality and commentary.
5. I think I was disappointed when I did switch over to CBC for the intermission segment of Ron MacLean interviewing Commissioner Gary Bettman. There wasn’t one question in which a hockey fan cared about. It was a business and money and MacLean seemed more concerned about showing he had some inside information on some Franchises money situations. Painful to watch.
6. I think I’m looking forward to filling out a World Cup bracket. I’m not a big soccer fan but the World Cup has a great appeal.
7. I think it’s amazing that there have been 2 perfect games in MLB this season and of course there should have been 3 if not for the wrong call at the end of Detroit game. There have been 20 in the history of MLB and 2 this year alone. Why? Less steroid use by the batters? Better team defense?
8. I think as the hockey and basketball seasons come to an end I can’t wait for football season. I like baseball but for some reason football can’t get here quick enough.
9. I think it has not been a great NBA Finals to watch between the Lakers and Celtics. Too many fouls and too many whistles.
10. I think these are my non-hockey thoughts.
a) I think I am still debating whether to get an iPad.
b) I think the whole time I watched Avatar at home on TV I wondered how it really looked in 3D.
c) I think I am looking forward to watching the MLB Draft tonight on the MLB Network, oh wait that channel is not available in Canada.