Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ICE Milestone Update

Goals Forward - Sam Reinhart has moved into 11th place all-time with 90 career goals. 10th 93 Mike Green, T-8th 94 Adam Cracknell, T-8th 94 Max Reinhart.
Jaedon Descheneau is tied for 17th with Tomas Plihal with 67.
Tim Bozon has 95 career goals, 20 with the ICE.

Assists Forward - Reinhart is now 7th with 129 career assists. 6th Kevin King 131, 5th 132 Steve Dasilva.
Descheneau is tied for 17th with Plihal at 96. 16th 102 Jason Jaffray.

Assists Defenseman - Jagger Dirk is tied for 3rd with Trevor Johnson at 105 career assists. 2nd 107 Joey Leach, 1st 128 Brayden McNabb.

Points Forward - Reinhart is 9th with 219 career points. 8th 222 Andrew Bailey, 7th 226 Kevin King.
Descheneau is tied with Plihal for 19th with 163. 18th 167 Zdenek Blatny, 17th 168 Colin Sinclair.
Bozon has 213, 44 with the ICE, Zach Franko has 211, 12 with the ICE.

Points Defenseman - Dirk is 6th with 125. 5th Steve McCarthy 128, 4th 132 Trevor Johnson.

Game Winning Goals - Reinhart is tied for 6th with Max Reinhart and Dale Mahovsky with 16. 5th 18 Zdenek Blatny.

Plus/Minus - Reinhart is tied for 12th at +41 with Steve Dasilva, Dirk is tied for 17th at +30 with Chad Greenan.

Goals Against Average - Mackenzie Skapski is 8th with a career 2.85. 7th Kris Lazaruk at 2.84.

Save Percentage - Skapski is 5th with a career .908%. 4th .909% Kris Lazaruk.

Wins - Skapski is 5th with 64 career wins. 4th 67 Dan Blackburn.