Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ICE Camp Report Defensemen

The Kootenay ICE have 19 players who are eligible to return to the WHL this season, including six defensemen.
Three are 19-years-old with Brayden McNabb, Hayden Rintoul and James Martin.
There are two 18-year-olds in Joey Leach and Luke Paulsen and one 17-year-old Jagger Dirk.
The ICE have to like the balance of their rearguards with plenty of offence, solid defensive play and overall toughness.
The ICE usually go through the season with seven defenseman, so that means there is only one opening on the club.
As always, the message is that the returning players aren’t guaranteed their spot in the line-up.
Plus the returning blueliners will also be competing for playing time especially on the power-play and penalty-kill.
Of the propects there are five 16-year-olds and two 18-year-olds, including John Neibrandt who had a long visit with the ICE last season.
The club has 2 solid 17-year-old prospects but neither will trying out this weekend.
Michael King of Prince George will not attend camp for the 2nd year in a row and Dylan Schellenberg, who suffered a knee injury last season, won’t be ready for the start of the season.

Defense (13) … 6 returnees, plus 4 15-year-olds (1 injured), 1 injured and 4 not in camp

2 Hayden Rintoul
Calgary, Alb
- 70 GP 6-37-43 54pm Playoffs 6 GP 1-2-3 2pm
- Career 137 GP 14-55-69 87pm Career Playoffs 10 GP 1-5-6 6pm

3 Brayden McNabb
Davidson, Sask
- 64 GP 17-40-57 121pm Playoffs 6 GP 0-4-4 18pm
- Career 199 GP 29-75-104 324pm Career Playoffs 20 GP 0-10-10 30pm

4 James Martin
Winnipeg, Man
- 66 GP 8-11-19 31pm Playoffs 6 GP 1-1-2 2pm
- Career 125 GP 8-15-23 72pm Career Playoffs 10 GP 1-1-2 6pm

5 Jagger Dirk
Penticton, BC
- 26 GP 1-4-5 23pm

6 Luke Paulsen
Winnipeg, Man
- 49 GP 0-4-4 16pm Playoffs 6 GP 0-0-0 0pm

24 Joey Leach
Wadena, Sask
- 70 GP 3-23-26 77pm Playoffs 6 GP 1-0-1 14pm
- Career 82 GP 4-23-27 81pm Career Playoffs 9 GP 1-0-1 14pm

Prospects listed alphabetically.

Austin Dick
16 year old defenseman
Kelowna, BC

Tanner Faith
15 year old defenseman
Wilcox, Sask
2nd round pick in 2010 Bantam Draft
Sask AAA Bantam Notre Dame 20 GP 4-13-17 8pm

Scott Gallaher
16 year old defenseman
Winnipeg, Man

Jeff Hubic
16 year old defenseman
Regina, Sask
4th round pick 2009 Bantam Draft
Sask AAA Midget Regina 33 GP 9-13-22 51pm

Blake Ireland
16 year old defenseman
Edmonton, Alb

Kyle Krabben
15 year old defenseman
Calgary, Alb
6th round pick in 2010 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Bantam Calgary 28 GP 1-9-10 18pm

J.R. Krolic
18 year old defenseman
Penticton, BC

John Neibrandt
18 year old defenseman
Yorkton, Sask
SJHL Yorkton 38 GP 3-1-4 59pm

Mike Simpson
16 year old defenseman
Semiahmoo, BC
6th round pick in 2009 Bantam Draft
BC Midget Valley West 27 GP 3-0-3 52pm

Spencer Wand
15 year old defenseman
Shaunavon, Alb
4th round pick in 2010 Bantam Draft
Sask AA Bantam Swift Current 22 GP 5-7-12 69pm


Dylan Schellenberg
17 year old defenseman
Drumheller, Alb
8th round pick in 2008 Bantam Draft
AJHL Drumheller 33 GP 3-0-3 104pm

Cole DePape
15 year old defenseman
Winnipeg, Man
4th round pick in 2010 Bantam Draft
Manitoba AAA Bantam Winnipeg 24 GP 3-9-12 77pm

Not In Camp

Matt Benning
16 year old defenseman
St Albert, Alb
2nd round pick in 2009 Bantam Draft
Alberta AAA Midget St. Albert 33 GP 7-14-21 32pm

Michael King
17 year old defenseman
Prince George, BC
3rd round pick in 2008 Bantam Draft
BC Midget Cariboo 39 GP 5-17-22 16pm

Kaare Odegarde
20 year old defenseman
Red Deer, Alb
NCAA Alaska Fairbanks 29 GP 0-5-5 17pm

Justin Schultz
20 year old defenseman
West Bank, BC
NCAA U of Wisconsin 41 GP 5-15-20 12pm