Friday, September 3, 2010

ICE Camp Report Prospects

Kootenay ICE Training Camp will continue through the long weekend at the Rec-Plex.
The veterans and prospects are divided into three teams and will take part in daily practices and scrimmages.
No cuts or roster decisions will be made until the Intra Squad Game on Monday and then the club will move forward into the preseason.
The club will be losing 8 players to NHL camps so the ICE will need enough players to have a full roster for the preseason games.
Amung the prospects is 16-year old goalie Mackenzie Skapski whose season ended in a bus accident. He was the most seriously hurt with head injuries and had two plates and some screws surgically installed to repair damage and facilitate healing. He is fully healthy.
Based on history the ICE go with a roster of 22 players with 2 goalies, 7 defensemen and 13 forwards.
Depending on who they keep as their 3 over-agers, there are only 4 openings.
They are looking for 1 goalie (if they don't keep both Mathews and Lieuwen), 1 defenseman and 2-3 forwards.
There could be more rookies on the club if they can beat a veteran for a spot in the line-up.
Who is ready to make the club? One day is too early to make any predictions.
The veterans all look bigger, stronger and healthy. Their jobs will be tough to take away.

Goalie Prospects
Kevin Jacyna 17
Steven Myland 16
Mackenzie Skapski 16
Brett Teskey 17

Defenseman Prospects
Austin Dick 16
Scott Gallaher 16
Jeff Hubic 16
Blake Ireland 16
J.R. Krolic 18
John Neibrandt 18
Mike Simpson 16

Forwards Prospects
Erik Benoit 17
Ryan Bloom 17
Levi Cable 16
Colby Cave 16
Mitchell Fyffe 16
Jared Iron 16
Kurt Johnas 16
Sam Johnson 16
Adam Rossignol 17
Cameron Rowat 16
Joey Santucci 16
Colton Sheen 16
Jaymes Veitch 16
Jarett Zentner 17